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Jack Petchey Roll of Honour 2013






Georgia Wimpory

  Georgia is one of our youngest players and didn't have any netball skills when she joined Telstars. She was very quiet and shy and wasn't an athlete. But she worked hard and started to improve. The friends she joined with dropped out, while she persevered and caught up with her age group. She is committed to training and match play, and is really enjoying her netball.

Holly Domjan

Holly continues to work hard, is very committed and has improved greatly. She is a people person and someone who understands the needs of her team, and can pick-up team mates when they are not happy. Holly is picking up her new role as WA exceptionally well.


Nicole Flynn

Nicole has worked hard all year since missing out on a regional place in September. She has now improved so much that she has been offered a place at RDTP in December. She was then selected for national screening in March.

Lucy McMenemy

Lucy has worked really hard lately and has recently gained a place in the Regional Talent Programme in September.

She is enjoying her netball and playing at goal attack and wing attack. She is a key team member for the U16 and playing at the national finals in May.


Ellie Chitty

Ellie has been playing netball since year 4, and is still a young player.

She is hard working, passionate and committed.

She is a good all round sportsperson, but loves netball and has shown great improvement. 


Antonia Murray

Antonia shows amazing commitment to her club.

She keeps going and never gives up. She has missed a lot of match play due to injury but has kept coming to training and been very supportive to the other girls.

She missed the nationals due to injury but still supported the team.


Bethany Ellis

Bethany is a young club player, who started playing netball later in year 9. She always works hard and never misses a training session. As a defender, she is very committed. And has made county academy this year.


Lucy Appleby

Lucy is a young player who is also one of our committed umpires. She gives up her time every Saturday to umpire for NW Kent league at Coldharbour, and has just done her umpiring beginners course. She is now working towards her C Award.

Julia Coulson



When Julia first joined Telstars she was uncoordinated and did not have any netball skills. She has worked extremely hard and has improved a tremendous amount through hard work and being totally committed to training and match play. She also helps coach the year 7's at school with her PE teacher.



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