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Jack Petchey Roll of Honour 2017

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Chloe Moxam




Since the return from her travels (University gap year) Chloe has brought with her a wealth of enthusiasm to achieve as a younger player in the senior squad. Her dedication to work hard @ training and improve her and the teams skills as they strive to win a 

higher level of netball next season is exemplary.Chloe is multi-talented, understands the game, listens well to instructions and questions coaching points to aid her & the teams perfection. Lets hope the desired success for Chloe and the team will be fruitful this year.  


Pavan Ladher


Pavan has worked exceptionally hard this year and has improved hugely in her netball position as a Goal Keeper. She is a very committed player and has a good training ethic. As a result of her hard work, she has been promoted from Junior League u14s netball to Telstars 6 in the adult league. Keep working hard Pavan your doing very well in achieving your full potential. Super work!


Ellie Smith

Awaiting Photo

Ellie is an extremely good team/club player. She has a hard-working approach to training and always fights to give her best. She never ever gives up and always keeps going, even with this years club challenge of changing her position for the good of the team to a Goal Attack. She is a member of the Kent Performance Programme and is thoroughly committed to her netball and continually strives to achieve the best she can. Every successful team needs an Ellie - Well done Ellie!  


Ruby Bell



Ruby has worked hard all season and shown great dedication to her club and her netball. She has improved dramatically and has moved steadily through the Kent County Performance Programme learning the craft of a Goal Shooter. She was selected into this years U16 Squad and made her mark at this year's National Finals April 2017. She is key part of the U15 line up as an established goal shooter with heaps of potential, all looks good for next season. Well done Ruby


Sophie Graham

Awaiting Photo



Sophie always trains and plays to the best of her ability,she is hard working and always has a desire to win. A great listener, she takes new ideas on board from her coaches and puts them into practice. Sophie's netball skills have improved immensely this season a fine reward for all her hard work, she is a solid team player.

Well done.


Abbie Davies



Abbie has improved greatly over the last year. Always motivated, always a tough battler, never showing signs of defeat, never complaining, totally committed.  She always shouts for her team mates and encourages others to do well even though she is not on the court. She is a super front court player and has worked hard in the u16 regional squad this season. She is great person to have in your team and all her team mates think a lot of her. Well done Abbie.













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