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Jack Petchey Roll of Honour 2012






Laide Sonola

Laide has been with Telstars since she was a junior player. She has gained in confidence, works hard in training and is a committed team player. She has recently achieved her Umpiring C Award in December. Congratulations and very well deserved.
Sophia Hardcastle

Sophia has worked exceptionally well this year and has improved hugely in her netball. She is a very committed player and has trained hard. As a result of her hard work, she has moved up in NWK League from team 4 to 3 and she still strives to be even better.

Lauren Heasman

Lauren has a massive commitment to the club and is motivated to improve her game. She has taken on board all her coach's tips and advice and applies new learning to the game. She always gives 100% in training.  

Hattie Gomersall

Hattie is a younger member of the club, who has recently mixed with the U16 group.She is a quietly confident player,whose shooting skills have improved by playing with the older girls.She mixes well and is a committed member of the squad, and has started to communicate more on court. Well done.

Hannah Kinsey

Hannah is extremely committed to her netball and works really hard in both matches and training. This year she has reached the U17 Potential academy although still being U14. She stepped up to be captain for the National Finals with the leadership skills of an older player. Well done.


Charlotte Brazier

Charlotte is committed to the club and made a dramatic improvement in her netball since the start of the season. She has moved up from County U14 Potential to U17 Development and had an excellent weekend at this year's U14's National Finals.


Helen Rowan



For details click on link

2012 Jack Petchey Leader Award to Helen Rowan

Chloe Daley

Chloe is a defence player, who always motivates and supports her team, and takes advice from coaches. Recently her team mates have noticed a more focussed player and she plays in the U17 County Potential. Her improvement over the last 3 to 4 months has been dramatic since she gave up dancing to focus on her netball.

Honor Jennings

Honor is a good team player. She has a hard-working approach to training and always fights to give her best. She never ever gives up and always keeps going. With more self-belief she could go even further. She is a shooter and GA in U17 County Development and also helps out with coaching the younger ones.

Grace Bevis

Grace always trains and plays to the best of her ability,she is hard working and always has a desire to win. She takes new ideas on board from her coaches and puts them into practice. Grace is always improving and never gives up, she is a well rounded team player.



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