Jack Petchey Roll of Honour 2019


Grace Moore. Grace has improved greatly over the last year. Always motivated, always a tough battler, never showing signs of defeat, never complaining, totally committed. She always shouts for her team mates and encourages others to do well even though she is not on the court. Grace is great person to have in your team and all her team mates think a lot of her. Well done Grace


Cloe Hayden. Chloe always trains and plays to the best of her ability, she’s hard working and always has a desire to win. A great listener, she takes on new ideas on board from her coaches and puts them into practice. Chloe is always improving and never gives up, always polite and a very friendly member of her team. She always has a big smile on her face and is always laughing. A good solid team player, even in times of adversity.


Caitlin Bennett. Caitlin has shown huge commitment to Telstars by encouraging and supporting the younger members of the club her kindness seen as a volunteer helper with new members in making them feel welcome has won her the accolade of being awarded TelstarsJunior Club Captain 2019 and on a personal level she has worked hard and persevered with her training and is now a key member of the Telstars u14 team..  Well done Caitlin - keep up the good work.


Lucy Fogden: Lucy has improved tremendously over her time at Telstars Teenies, being a really shy player at first we have now seen all her hard work being rewarded by a much more confident young player, not only with her skills that she has been quietly determined to improve but also her confidence in now communicating with her team mates and her coaches, this hard work was rewarded when Lucy was selected to compete in the u12s Rising Star Junior League matches this season. Well done Lucy, a fine reward for all that hard work and determination


Brooke Hearne: The Jack Petchey award for May 2019 goes to Brooke for her outstanding commitment to attend club training and for her hard work effort to improve. Although still very young Brooke listens well to her coaches’ instructions and can be seen trying to do her best to master the skill in hand. Brooke also demonstrates kindness & helpfulness to anyone new @ Telstars and therefore can very often be chosen to act as a “training buddy” which helps any new player settle into the club. Well done Brooke keep up the good work.


Daisy Bell - Daisy is our Jack Petchey award for April for continuing to try to be the best player she can be. Daisy is totally committed to the club and a real team player. Daisy has proven herself to be a very valuable asset to the team with her perfection of the task, good communications skills with all her fellow team mates and her ability to perfect the coaches’ instructions and always endeavours to do her best for the sake of the team. Due to her hard work ethic Daisy was rewarded this season when she was selected into the Kent Netball High Performance Academy and won selection into the Telstars u16 Regional League squad which has seen Daisy grow in confidence as she works with the u16 team to win a place to National Finals in May. Well done Daisy.


Bethany Willars Although this is the first season at Telstars NC u12s, Bethany has worked extremely hard on her commitment to training and the club. Her netball skills have improved tremendously through her sheer hard work and determination to improve and win. Bethany is totally committed in match play, which in turn has seen her develop into a good squad team player. Keep up the good work Bethany!


Harriet Corbett - Harriet has received this award for showing great stoicism in her attitude to achieve at a high level in her netball. Facing several rejections over the past 2 years Harriet continued tirelessly to work so hard against all the odds, where most would have "hung up" their boots Harriet continued to work to achieve her goal. Harriet's continued efforts has now seen that optimum reward when this season she was selected into the High Performance Academy for London Pulse and achieved selection into the Telstars NC Premier League squad. Harriet is now looking forward to her next goal of playing for London Pulse u19s in the National Performance League Tournament in July. Well done Harriet a fine reward for all your hard work - keep going!


Ellie Hayward - Ellie has worked exceptionally well this year and has improved hugely in her netball. She is a very committed player and has trained hard. As a result of her hard work, she has been promoted to a higher team in the NWK League from Telstars 6 Div 11 to Telstars 5 Div 9 and at present is striving to be even better. Well done Ellie - Keep up the good work