New funding enables new court

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October 17, 2019
We are delighted to announce that thanks to the hard work from the staff @ NKC and the financial backing from Kent Netball. NKC Dartford can now offer elite netball a platform to perform from and at. The netball court has now been laid across the Sports Hall and with space to provide tiered seating,  this will now allow top flight netball matches to played at this venue. So, watch this space! Telstars will now move forward to promote the National Premier League fixtures and we do hope that once the invitations are out there, all of you will come and support your Prem Squad and help them to attain (from the sidelines)  the prestigious National Premier League Division 2 place that they hold at the moment. All Premier League fixtures can be found on the Telstars Calendar – so COME & SUPPORT them – there is plenty of room and its FREE!
Here is the Prem Squad …….winning their first home match last Sunday against Sussex Thunder.
Final score: Telstars 61 – Thunder 36