A Romantic Proposal…

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August 16, 2019

On world cup finals weekend in July 2019 . Fran Beach and her boyfriend Andy  were (as she thought) travelling to Bristol for the weekend …….It wasn’t long before Fran realised that in fact they had gone past the Bristol turn off on the motorway and her boyfriend then surprised her with her World Cup final tickets and that they were on their way to Liverpool!!
When we were all holding our breathe to see if the Australians would again take home the World Cup by beating their closest rivals New Zealand – 2hrs before the actual final …the arena was being prepared and Fran was taken (by her boyfriend) to the stadium to supposedly take in and soak up the atmosphere.
Fran’s boyfriend led her to the actual arena and took her courtside – by this time the arena was open to officials , volunteers and players.
It was here that ????? he  suddenly stopped at the end of the court – went down on one knee and proposed to Fran in front of a netball court!!
Needless to say Fran said YES and throughly enjoyed her wonderful surprise.

Congratulations to you both from all of us at Telstars.