Telstars Host South Africans u14s/u16s

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October 17, 2019

Amoy suddenly out of the blue received a mayday call from a Tour Operator asking for Telstars NC to help!

A club from South African was touring and staying in London and the teams/clubs that were due to host them for netball suddenly withdrew their offer – therefore were we able to help! Telstars of course without hesitation invited them to come along to our training session on Tuesday 1st October @ Bromley High.. 6.30pm -9.30pm. The evening was made up of solid back to back matches and everyone enjoyed the chance to meet and play against the South Africans and their different style of netball . As you can see from the photos the players were delighted to exchange their experiences and a good evening of netball was had by all!

The SA squad couldn’t thank us enough for our hospitality at short notice  – lets hope we get invited for a return trip!😊😊

You never know!

Well done everyone!!