Telstar's Physiotherapist

Our former 1st Team Captain who was a key player for Telstars for many years has kindly linked with the wider team to be our Physiotherapist. 

Hannah specialises in sports injuries with a background working with England Netball, England Rugby and England Athletics.

To provide the best quality care, Hannah uses diagnostic ultrasound scanning as part of the physiotherapy assessment to accurately diagnose injuries – excellent for scanning ankle sprains and checking for fractures which may have been missed. A fantastic service if a trip to A&E was hassle!

During your visit to Hannah, force plates are used which are brilliant when assessing balance after injuries as well as measuring jump heights and landing techniques to aid a better performance. They are also used to assess your strength and power so areas of weakness following injuries can be worked on.  

We are pleased to offer all Telstars members 10% discount on their first visit! 

If you’d like to get in touch with Hannah then please do not hesitate to contact her using the details below! 

Hannah Perrett
Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist