Jack Petchey Roll of Honour 2023

Jack Petchey Roll of Honour 2023


Nadia Parums When Nadia first joined Telstars she was an extremely shy young lady, but over time has been quietly determined to improve with not only her netball skills but also her confidence.

To the extent that over the past few months we have seen a remarkable improvement and can now see Nadia communicating well with her team mates on the court and her coaches, this confidence has also seen Nadia’s netball skills improve to the level that she has now been selected to play in NWK (Adult) League matches for Telstars 3,2 & finally admirably ending the season playing for Telstars 1. Nadia has had an extremely good season.

Well done Nadia  a fine reward for all your hard work – long may it continue!


Eva has improved since recently joining Telstars. Always motivated, always a tough battler, never showing signs of defeat, and has a very kind sympathetic nature. She always encourages her teammates when off the court and encourages others in training. Eva can be seen very often helping new players settle into the club environment. Eva loves her netball her willingness to learn and improve will only make her a person to have in your tea m both on and off the court. Well done Eva.


Ava Sharpe – Always trains and plays to the best of her ability, she is hard working and always has a desire to win. A great listener, she takes new ideas on board from her coaches and tries her upmost to put them into practice. Ava never gives up, very rarely misses a match or training session and is a totally committed and loyal member of Telstars NC. Well done Ava.


Sasha Howard – has had an exceptional year to date with her netball. Which began by her gaining a place in Telstars National Premier League Senior squad for 2022/23 season in August 2022. In September 2022 Sasha secured her place in the London Pulse u19/21 NPL squad as a circle defender and went onto achieving a nomination to England Roses National Screening event which has seen her secure a place in the coveted England Roses u19 squad for the remainder of the season. Despite all of this success Sasha remains an enthusiastic & committed club member who continually works hard along with her senior squad members to achieve our winning ways. A huge Well Done Sasha – wonderful achievements, we are all so proud of you.


Ellen Smith – Ellen has improved greatly over the last year. Always motivated, always a tough battler, never showing signs of defeat, never complaining, totally committed. She always shouts for her team mates and encourages others to do well even though she is not on the court. Ellen is becoming a good mid court/defence player and has worked hard in the u16 regional squad this season and is great person to have in your team. Well done Ellen.


Isla Austin – Isla always is totally committed to club and her netball, works hard at training and plays to the best of her ability. A great listener, she takes new ideas on board from her coaches and can be seen to try hard and put them into practice in her matches. Isla continues to improve as her confidence grows and never gives up. Well done Isla keep up the good work.